Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Final Fantasy Marathon...For Awhile

Tonight is a night full of bittersweetness, in more than one way. The main reason I say this is because, like the title says, this is our last final fantasy marathon for awhile since we'll be going to college soon. It's gonna be an awesome weekend, but I'll be really sad when it ends. The other bittersweetness involves some of the people that visit. I love them all, but some people *coughrobertcough* are HATERS. Also, fuck you Nick. You're never right about aaaaanything.

I'd like to dedicate my weekend to all the awesome things that these marathons involve.
1. Lack of sleep. Fuck sleep. Who the fuck needs it?
2. As Conor said in his post, Monster.
3. Wheat Thins. Deliciousness in a little yellow box.
4. Gushers/Fruit Rollups/Fruit By The Foots. They never last long enough.
5. Good company. More is always seriously, someone come save me from these fuckers RIGHT NOW. I'm TRAAAAAAPPED.
6. Walgreens in general. Thanks for being so cheap, but at the same time providing for all my wants and needs (like Conor's mom).
7. Scented candles. Day's End will forever be my favorite smell, despite the fact that I no longer remember what it smells like.
8. Game soundtracks. They are unparalled.
9. Conversations comparing/contrasting different aspects of various FF games. Shit guys, there's even a list of that now. Although I don't always partake, they're always fun to listen to.
10. Obviously the games themselves are awesome.

Bottom line is, this shit has been one of the highlights of my high school career. Thanks everyone and everything for making that happen. I'm a little sad that we didn't discover this sooner, but at least we did. I'll miss it. Don't worry though, next summer, and every summer in the foreseeable, we will be doing this. I love you guys.

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