Sunday, August 15, 2010


I cannot fucking believe I move to U of I on Thursday. I've been so caught up in my life that the time has just flown by and summer went by in a glorious flash. On that note, sorry my post is a day late. I wasn't home for most of yesterday. But anyway, I'm emotionally divided on the subject of moving away. It's gonna be a fresh start and I know I'll have tons of fun, but I leave a lot behind here in Springfield. I know I'll be back and I'll sporadically see those of my friends who aren't attending U of I with me, but it's still weird, and that part of it I don't like. Granted, there are certain people I will not miss in the slightest, but there are plenty who I will.

I am, however, ready to go to Champaign and fucking live it up and make a shit ton of new friends and party and....further my knowledge and understanding and stuff...Books! fuck yeah...Well, at least mentally I'm prepared. Physically, I feel like I have a lot of shit to get done before I go, but I don't know where to start, so I put if off for a while longer. This is a good start...

Anyway, I will miss the shit out of all of you friends not going to U of I with me (I just assume if you're reading this you're a cool kid so you're my friend). But don't cry, we'll see each other over breaks. Hit me up on my t-t-t-t-telephone (1st and last Lady gaga reference I'll ever make...all for you Eliot) and we'll party.


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