Saturday, November 13, 2010

Conor - Pretty Things

I'm here at Mizzou's campus, and while around walking aimlessly trying to find Robert's dorm, I found a way to word something that bothers me, something that I don't want to bother me anymore.

There are a lot of pretty things in this world, all of which seem bigger and better than the things I have, and I can't let that distract or depress me.

I'm walking around here in Columbia, Missouri and I find myself in awe of the campus, the clean, crisp, modern looking architecture and the numerous and expansive dorms. I mentally compare every detail to Oklahoma's campus, and I can't help but dwell on what this place has that Norman, Oklahoma doesn't. I look through the windows at the cafeterias I will never eat at and fantasize at the delicious food I'm sure is served within. I pass by the gym and wish that I could intend to go there. I passed by some attractive people who I'll never get to know.

Picking a college is a huge decision that will change your life forever. As Tynan Shevlin put it once "I feel like this is the first time I can really fuck up." He said something about how people often meet their wife or husband at college. I came to OU and my life is heading towards it's ultimate destination due to that. If I had gone to another college my life would be completely different. Right now at OU I'm making friends who I'll (hopefully) keep for the rest of my life. I'm making connections and learning things that will (hopefully) help me towards my dreams, later on. If I came to Mizzou all of what I have right now would be gone, replaced by something else. If I went to Mizzou, I'd go to school with Robert and Hillary, both of whom are pretty. Does Zane Thompson go here as well? Zane Thompson is also pretty.

I'll never know, though, that's the thing. It's so easy to worry about things like this, it's not worth my time. (things that are worth my time: time trials on mario kart) Lots of events have changed my life, and I can't worry about how things would've gone had they not happened as they did. If I hadn't made improv my life would be completely different. Yeah, sure. If I answered 2 more questions incorrectly on a standardized test my life would be completely different. Yep. If I took a left instead of a right at an intersection, I might be married right now. But I'm not. Fortunately for the ladies.

So I'm going to try my best to not think about these things. These are unnecessary distractions. I have nothing to gain by beating myself up for things that happen every minute of every day. There are a lot of things going for me right now. I'm at Mizzou, seeing some people I've really missed. I'm going to focus on that. /Mario kart.

Actually right now what I'm going to focus on is going to sleep.


  1. Just so everyone's aware, Conor began writing this after I went to bed, at 2am.

  2. Robert still hasn't been courteous enough to introduce us. Step your game up, Robert