Monday, March 14, 2011

Nick - A List Of Things That Are Cute (To Nick)

Time for a self-indulgent list!! I've discovered that I think really odd stuff is cute, so here are a few of them and a feeble attempt at explaining why.

1. Cacti
Come now, I can't be the only one who thinks that these things are adorable. Cacti usually have a very definite shape and a really pretty color. They have spikes, but somehow that only makes them more endearing. I always look at them and think, "aw, cute, they look like they could try to defend themselves."

2. Hermit Crabs
Aren't these little guys cute? Look, they live in a shell. And they've got those tiny eyes, and the little feelers. They just look curious all the time.

Also, if I haven't mentioned, they live in shells. And when they get bored, they find a new shell. They kind of remind me of little people; always curious, constantly outgrowing their surroundings and sizing up.

3. Jellyfish
To me, jellyfish have always represented the concept of going with the flow. They just drift around and... pulsate. They kind of have this bobbing, wave-like motion. It's hard to explain, but they're very calming to watch. I almost think of jellyfish like plants; they don't have a face or other animal-like characteristics. In fact, I tend to think of their stingers as comparable to the spikes of the cactus.

If I were an octopus, I would totally make a jellyfish garden.

4. Hedgehogs
I'm pretty sure this one goes without saying. Um, I guess I like things with spikes?

Fun fact: I used to have a hedgehog, and her name was Rico.

5. Tangs
Tangs are the most adorable of fish. Hippo tangs are especially my favorite. Did you know that hippo tangs have freckles? We have one at my home, and it likes to hide in between rocks. It's pretty cute to see it hide even though it's obviously in plain sight. Perhaps they just aren't that good at hiding?

6. Clouds
They drift around, kind of like jellyfish. They just seem so nonchalant. Like they're enjoying their journey to wherever they're going, and just enjoying the scenery. Also sometimes they rain, which I like.

Anyway, this is the kind of thing that I think about? Yeah.



  1. (Snidely) My name's Nick and I like naaature bleahhhh.


  2. You guys make me want to start making lists.

  3. Of course I knew tangs had freckles. I've seen Finding Nemo, duh.