Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why The Whirlwind Weeps

It is raining hard in his city. He is the first to feel the tears that fall from heaven. He stands on the edge of the tallest building, looking down at the street below. He can see everything and everyone, but no one can see him. Shrouded in shadows, he is hidden from the world. No one knows who he is, not even himself. Never will he be adored or idolized. He is their salvation, but they will never thank him.

As he stands there, deep in thought, he can hear the screams of innocents in distress. But there are so does he choose who to save? How does he weigh the importance of one life against another? To save one life is to condemn another to its end. Torn as he is, he chooses quickly. A life saved, he returns to his lookout. Nothing has changed. The screams he has ceased have already been replaced by several more. He allows himself a moment to despair, and another moment to collect himself. He knows that those moments have cost someone their life, and he falls deeper into despair. But he continues on anyway. Futile as it may be, he is destined to this existence of cyclical life and death.

Those that he has saved fear him. They whisper amongst themselves about him. He is different than them and they do not understand him. They call him a freak and they hate him for being better than them. They brand him an outlaw, a vigilante that must be brought to justice. They question his intentions and think he seeks fame, because no one man is capable of such selflessness. But they are wrong.

He hears their whisperings, and he resents them for it. But he continues to save them. He stands there, shrouded in shadows. It is hard to make out, but if anyone cared to look, they could see his tears as they mingled with those from above. But he must hide his emotions, lest they call him weak. He fights for the day that he will gain these people's love, but it is still so far away.

Next time he saves you, be grateful. Embrace him with open arms and do your best to repay him, even though you will never be able to. Do not shun him. At the very least, allow him his weaknesses. He is better than you, yet you criticize him for his every flaw.

Let him weep.



  1. After most of the first paragraph, I hoped this was about me.