Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did You Know You Can Change The Font?

Cause you totes can.

I have a new goal for myself: To become the real deal.

Today I was thinking about music and literature and other douchy things when I realized that I know next to nothing about everything at all. I consider myself a well-educated person because I have read  a decent amount of books. I have read enough books that if I talk about reading with someone who does not like to read, I seem really smart. However, if I talk about books with someone who has a strong interest in literature and reading, I sound ridiculous. "Oh yeah, I think I have heard of that author." "No, I haven't read any of those but my Dad did once." Or I just straight lie and say that I read Into The Wild when in fact, Allegra read Into The Wild and I just watched the movie.

Music? I love music. Music was almost my major. This is the first year I was not part of both a choir and taking piano lessons. I always say that I love Classical music and can name a lot of composers but when it comes to actual pieces, identification or referencing, I am pretty useless. I know the pieces I played. I know a lot of Gershwin. That's about it. I just fake those conversations because luckily, very few people my age know anything about the genre at all. And Indie music is even worse. No matter how many recommendations I take from people, I will never know as many bands as Robert Langellier and Carrie McMenamin. Plus, once you know a shit load of indie music, what about the classic rock douches? How do you compete with them. And the folk snobs. Impossible.

Sports.I've literally never heard of any team for any sport at all.

Oh and the news! Absolutely nothing makes me feel like a more useless human being than when I try to talk about current events and I realize that I have no clue what is happening outside of my 4 mile radius campus town.

Back to my goal. To become the real deal. I want to start trying to actually be able to back up my opinions with real facts and not on-the-spot decisions. This summer I am actually going to read Into The Wild so I will stop referring to the main charactyer as Chris McCandles. I am going to pay attention to what I am listening to when I put "classical" into my itunes search bar. I am going to read AT LEAST the front page of the newspaper in the mornings. I might even open it for the continuations of stories. Maybe. I will probably not watch any sports.

Here's to being better than everybody else come next August!



  1. Moral of the story:
    The things that Nick, Eliot, Robert, Conor, and Brendan write about are boring to read about.

    Also reading the news FTW

  2. Your intro is a testament to your work ethic for Classic Brian. Guh.
    See you at the top shordy.

    -Yr bf4l

  3. Nick, I love that that leaves only me. I DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO ANY LABEL. Love me, Mada...


  4. We can read the newspaper every morning of our lives together, when we don't break up because I'm not posting on Tuesdays.

  5. You have Molly. Don't be such a greedy whore, you best friend of mine.


  6. You will not do a single one of those things.

  7. This reminds me of this awesome blog post from another awesome blog. If you haven't read it. Do it. Now.

  8. Mada I really like this post. I agree. I know I was referenced in here as knowing something, but it's only because I'm lacking more than you in other categories. And also, you can do flips 'n shit.
    We're going to be the most intellectual roommates next year, ok? And since we'll have to eat at Newman erryday, we will have to read a newspaper, I'm not sure there's anyone to talk to there. And once we get back from our free abroad trip, we'll be more cultured than all these motherfuckers.

    I dream.

    Until then, back to finding pictures of Steavie with girls we don't like and eating up 3.33 of a meal plan in one day. Im hungry.