Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some Favorites of Mine

Sort of like Nick's post about stuff he hates, but the opposite. I've been doing family stuff for most of the day so this is sort of rushed. Sue me.

Movie - I have 2, mainly because they're completely different genres. Apples and oranges, if you will. One is The Boondock Saints. It's an action movie, but I love it for the mood it sets. Basically, it's about two bad ass Irish mofos who take it upon themselves to eradicate all the criminals they can get their hands on. It just gets my blood pumping. It's one of those movies where your inclined to laugh when the bad guys get what's coming to them in the form of twin handguns to the back of the head. The other movie is The Princess Bride. It's a classic, and I find it no less hilarious every time I watch it. It's full of sharp wit and quirkiness, and I love it.

Video Game - Ocarina of Time. A flawless rpg for the N64. I would change nothing about it. Even though the Water Temple is tedious as tits, I wouldn't have it any other way. It makes it that much more rewarding. From the revolutionary Z-targetting system to the plethora of little side missions you can do to the kick ass bosses, I can never get enough of this game. Play this game (Caitlin and Conor). I will play this as soon as I get this blog out of the way. The opening sequences keep replaying before my eyes even as I write.

Pie - Cherry. 'Nuff said.

Color - Purple. Gengar is purple. Royalty is purple. Every cool villain has a purple aura of some sort.

Game system - NES

Book - Sword of Truth series. Lauren and Jenni know whaddup.

*Looks around the room desperately for more things to deem favorites...*

Action hero(s) - TMNT

Top instruments I want to learn to play/be good at, in order - my voice?, guitar, piano/keys, drums, harmonica

Favorite video game character - lol are you kidding me?

Favorite mood- rebellious

Favorite word - serendipitous...when do I ever get to use this? Curse you and your boring use of vocab, world!

Favorite part of this blog post - THE END




    -Conor and Eliot

  2. Yeah suck it. I don't worship FF7 like you guys do. I just respect it.