Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Casey Anthony trial... something I don't care about. Yet, it's managed to capture the entire nation's attention and make everyone in America (approximation) hate Casey Anthony. I mean, I don't think anyone is on Casey Anthony's side, at the very best Casey Anthony didn't murder her daughter. People don't murder their daughters EVERY DAY. That's why America doesn't hate them, Casey.

However, when you take tragic issues like these, play them up on the news because you know it will snag people's interest, that makes you lame as shit. That's why we have movies, not why we have news. Casey Anthony isn't OJ Simpson, a beloved celebrity personality, she is a person like you or I who supposedly murdered her adorable little girl. (I say supposedly not because I think she didn't, but because I merely suppose she did.) The glamorous coverage of what is pretty much a horrifying episode is really shitty. Why should Casey Anthony be a world-famous and notorious evil person when all she did was be a despicable mother? 

Public trial was incepted to prevent conspiracy, or at least that's what we said. Really, we like seeing what happens to troublemakers. And now it's becoming America's best television. Are we proud to hate Casey Anthony? Does that give us the self-satisfaction of moral code? Or is it just us poking our head in on some business of someone else. None of us cared about Caylee Anthony before she went missing. Does it feel good to feel bad? I just get enough of a sense of humanity outside of worrying about a dead girl, that's all.

Also, hey look at me, I'm an asshole now because I'm not sad about Caylee Anthony! What is wrong with me, right? It's not that what happened to her isn't sad, but sad shit like that happens every damn day on this planet. People go crazy and do unforgivable things to people that don't deserve it. Just a question: if Caylee Anthony was black, would it be such a public issue? I don't want to bring race into it, but only because I'm afraid an argument could be made for it.

There are tons of Gilbert Gottfried type jokes that could be made. I sorta wanted to, just to push the envelope and go there, but I won't. Unlike Caylee Anthony, I have a life to live and would rather be playing video games than making an ass of myself writing this.

Another point I want to make; Danielle Loftus. I think what happened to her is awful and tragic. However, I don't think it's right to decorate the town with "Pray for" signs either. My initial reaction is that I'm supposed to elect her to office. Publicizing tragedy is something I guess I'm not for. It seems callous to not concern myself with it, but really, I just don't need to saturate myself with any more troubles. I'm thankful for what I have, and am aware of tragedy existing fucking everywhere.

Caylee Anthony, poor girl. She's dead now, along with all my grandparents and eventually everyone. She had a shitty mom, who she would have hopefully grown up to be very different than. But at the end of the day, Casey Anthony has to live with herself, and I have to live with myself. Pardon me if I choose to live without the concern that Casey Anthony is out there. Being insensitive about the issue isn't going to make anything better or worse. It's a world I don't live in, so by all means, I do not care.

--Eliot Sill