Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Room de Carrie and Mada- By Mada!

Oh hey, didn't see you there. Well don't just stand there, come on inside for a spell.

Welcome to my dorm room. Yes, the very room in which I sleep, eat, study, skype, read, write, get ready and just about every other activity necessary for living a life. And, not only do I get to do all of these things in one convenient, cozy location, so does my roommate, Carrie McMenamin.

Well, Mada, that sounds awfully cramped, how do you stay sane in such a situation?

I'm glad you asked.

First you'll notice the expert decoration of the room. BOOM. Posters everywhere. Poster of musicians, art, movies, you name it. Posters hanging on every open wall and even over our closet door (these are the posters that keep falling down, don't worry, I'll fix it). BOOM. Christmas lights line the ceiling above both of our beds. Want mood lighting? Just turn off the overhead light and plug these babies in. Instantly the as of yet unnamed equivalent of a man cave. BOOM. Rugs. Tile/marble/stone/(not really sure what to call that) floors may be nice but they can also be cold (figuratively and literally). Luckily we've got this problem covered with two throw rugs and a large area rug. Oh don't worry, they aren't dirty. Newman's cleaning service comes in once a week and vacuums them. Awww yeah. BOOM. Our desks are both covered in personal relics that show our personality and give interest to what would normally be boring, light colored wood college desks. Pictures from high school and college, flyers from shows, interesting and intelligent movies and books make both of our desks worth a second glance.

Next you might note the structure of the room. BOOM. Sink in the corner. Yup, there's a goddamn sink in our room. If you don't think this is the greatest improvement that could ever bee made to a dorm room then you're fucking retarded. We don;t have to leave the room to brush our teeth, wash out face, get a quick glass of water in the middle of the night and best of all we don't have to wash our dirty dishes in the public bathroom, a task so awkward that I just didn't use my silverware again after that first cup of easy mac. BOOM. Look at those old timey windows. I don't mean that they look colonial. I mean that they look like some awesome art school built in the 19th century. Don't you just feel like you're in The Dead Poet's Society. BOOM. What's that, a mirror hanging from you exposed pipe. I couldn't really decide whether this fit in the decoration or the structure category. But either way, what a creative and interesting place for a mirror. You gotta utilize whatcha got, that's what I always say. BOOM. Look at that shelf! That doesn't quite look like it came with the room. That's because we got it from GOODWILL. Yeah, which is awesome and good for the community and super creative. Who else puts their own wooden shelf in a dorm room. Name one person. The problem of where to store printers, hair products, food and dishes; instantly solved!

Other note worthy aspects of the room are our microwave and refrigerator, our shared closet (could be bigger), our clever idea to put our dressers under our half lofted beds, and our always neat, but lived in state of the room. Impressed? Well, thank you. It's just home to me. Nothing more, nothing less. We do what we can. Really, thank you.

Well anyway, I'm glad you stopped by. Perhaps sometime I can see your place.


  1. You may be getting some mail from Kevin Tkach's lawyer about this post Mada...

  2. Dead Poets Society
    Sink in the room
    Gratuitous use of the word "BOOM"

    ^All reasons why we (or at least I) am still in love.

  3. New York City takes away everyone I love (except Garrett)

    RIP Kevin Tkach.

  4. Terrazzo. That's what the floors are called.