Saturday, October 1, 2011

Conor - I Fell Asleep For A Little Bit While Writing This

Mom. Don't read this. And if you do, don't call me afterwards, complaining. C'mon Mom. I'm an adult. I can handle this.

Hey there guys. Sorry if I worried you there for a bit. I'm fine. A little tired, but fine. I haaaaven't gotten a lot of sleep this week due to schoolwork, ultimate, work, et.-

Fuuuuck. It should be noted that originally the name of this post was "there's actually a really good chance that I'll fall asleep while writing this" but after finishing the sentence fragment I woke up to find a couple dozen w's behind the sentence. Yikes.

Oh god and now it's Saturday and I'm awake. Oh god. Not even joking, this all happened naturally.

Guys, sleep is hard. Sleep is difficult and hard, and I will react to this like I react to most challenges. By backing down and just acting like I never really wanted it at all.

So I've been running on very little sleep as of late. It bothers me how well I've been able to manage, honestly. I'll be running on two or three hours of sleep but I'll still have enough energy to get back until 3 or 4 AM the next night so I can get two or three hours of sleep again. I don't even have a lack of energy on the Ultimate field or anything like that (it's sad but true, if my lack of sleep started affecting Ultimate I'd probably change my life appropriately), all I do is whine more. And I whined a lot to begin with.

I work at Pickleman's now. Pickleman's is a nice place filled with nice people. I like my job a lot more than I like a lot my classes, which is why I'm continuing to work it, even though I don't have time for my 19 hours of classes as is and Pickleman's schedules me for a midnight to close shift on Wednesdays even though I have 8:30 classes everyday. See this is what I meant I just never stop whining.

I've been playing some sick Ultimate. My cuts are impeccable and I've been working on my style, which is 90% of the game.

Started a new file on Final Fantasy VII, because I wanted to feel nostalgic and miss Brian Malone and Eliot Sill and be really glad I'm nowhere near Nicholas Dietrich.

I bought these red bro shorts and I'm wearing them ironically but how long can you wear something ironically before you're just wearing something.

I'm currently sitting in a Jazz Combo rehearsal. We meet from 9 to noon, Saturday mornings. Why. Whyyyyyyy.

Three songs I've been listening to a lot.

The last song off of Wilco's new album. It's long, extremely repetitive, and really pretty. On my way to class the other day I was sortof freaking out because I was unprepared for an exam and I had only gotten 2 or 3 hours of sleep, and I used this song to calm myself down.

Don't don't don't watch this video. It will make you dislike the song, and while he is super dumb for having made this video, Owen Pallett doesn't deserve your resentment.

Do watch this video. She's number two on my list, second only to Tina Fey.

Have a good week guys. Sorry.


  1. well, guess which video i watched

  2. The take home message here for me is that Owen Pallett makes really bad videos.

  3. "I bought these red bro shorts and I'm wearing them ironically but how long can you wear something ironically before you're just wearing something."

    Story of my life.