Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Morning, New Day

Fighting his way out of the soothing clutches of sleep, he sat up. Well, he didn't sit up so much as roll over on his side and prop himself up with an elbow. He blinked several times, trying to make his vision less blurry. He could feel the heavy coat of sleep crusting his eyes. That's what he gets for wearing his contacts to bed. Again. He really had to stop doing that. He'd read somewhere that it would decrease his vision or something. Plus this crustiness was the worst.

Leaning out of bed, he glanced toward the clock. Noon. That wouldn't do. He had places to be today. He needed to get up.

The effort was enormous, but he dragged himself out of bed. His brain was in a fog, his throat hurt from a lingering cold, and he still couldn't see right. A shower was what he needed.

He stumbled his way over to the closet, rubbing sleep from his eyes the whole journey long. He opens it. It still smells like that body spray he had put on the night before. Good work, man. He smiles. Taking off his shirt, he throws it in the back of the closet with the rest of the would-be laundry. He grabs his shower caddy, dons his college-colored flip-flops, and marches down the hall. To the showers we go!

As he opens the door to the bathroom, he is greeted with a blast of steam to the face. Invigorating. In he strides to his favorite unit. The door is ajar so he shoulders it the rest of the way open. Oops, sorry dude, I didn't realize you were in there. The door was open and everything and...oh, what's that? You're leaving? Great!

Entering the shower, he proceeds to -

Fully refreshed, he is ready to start a new day!


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