Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Somehow this worked out pretty exactly. I woke up later than my mom had planned, around 11:30, bringing the hours of sleep I had gotten up to five. I then packed, showered, and hit the road. After finding out via text that Jeff, whom I'm staying with until the dorms open on Sunday, was staying home that night and I'd need to find a place to stay, I did so with great ease. Upon arrival, I learned it would be against the rules for me to drop off the majority of my luggage into my dorm room before Wednesday, when it could be done for a nominal "early arrival" fee. Well, I explained my situation, and was escorted up to my room to drop off my numerous bags. I threw together enough clothes to make it through the week, somehow didn't forget to pack a belt, and got dropped off at the apartment I would sleep in later Tuesday night. The room in which I slept was thickly dark, save for a blinds-equipped window that was at the end of a misplaced hallway that stretched back down the length of the apartment like a spine. Despite this lack of light and no alarms, be they human or mechanical, I woke up at 9 a.m., giving me time to get ready and pack up before leaving for my 11 o'clock meeting. After the meeting, I made an inaugural visit to Silver Mine Subs for lunch and played Uncharted, which is a game I like. Then I watched an episode of Breaking Bad. Somebody died in it.

There's a peculiarity to all this in that it worked. Each blind step I took landed perfectly where I wanted it to. No stumbles or stubbed toes, which is how I'm used to living. I've had ideas circulating through my head today for a number of different things: things to do with my day, sports section improvements, blog topics, etc. But the issue with circulation, of course, is that something comes to you, you have it, then you pass it on.

I lament having my winter break end early, but I enjoy returning to school, where I have infinite resources to educate and improve myself, and open eyes to potential goals I can strive for. I've been quite tired lately, and soon enough it will be time to get back into the rhythm of college life and settle in for another front-loaded effort this semester. Front loading my semesters is a habit I can't kick, though it seems like the effort lasts longer each subsequent time. Perhaps before I graduate, I'll put together a good semester and score some GPA. Jeff asked me if I wanted to join his All-A's-and-B's-but-more-A's-than-B's pact this semester. I can't remember exactly how the conversation went, but I can remember not explicitly saying yes. What a missed opportunity.

One of my writers got an internship at writing in New York on the Mets and Yankees, splitting time between the teams. Congratulations, Ethan.

Today was a rare day in which I looked forward to the future instead of feared it. Such feelings are just reminders that a new college semester is about to begin.

--Eliot Sill


  1. I am amazed by your consistently poorly thought out actions resulting in favorable consequences.