Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So as you guys know, I'm in Sweden. And it's great. I mean I worked my ass off to get here and the place is effing beautiful. Not to mention the whole cultural education thing. But to be honest, this is the loneliest thing I've ever done. I'm in a foreign country in a distant continent and the only person here that I met before coming is a girl form U of I that I met once at a study abroad mingle. I am more alone than I have ever been, and possibly ever will be in my life.

This isn't to say that I am not enjoying myself, because I am. Thoroughly. It is just a strange realization I come to about once a day.

In some ways this is actually the best thing that could ever happen to me. I am a person who really enjoys her time alone. I like sitting around and reading. I like taking naps on a whim and I like watching horrible movies without other people finding out (i.e. Valentine's Day). I also like walking around the city alone and being able to observe completely objectively and without interruption. All this time is allowing me to self-reflect more than I have had time to do since I got to U of I. It's like summer vacation without Muni.

On the other hand, I am used to living with Carrie Mac and being able to tell her about whatever ridiculous thought pops into my mind. I'm used to being able to visit my sisters and I'm used to being able to get coffee with people I have known for more than a month. I miss that. A lot. Probably why I call at least someone in the States every day.

Studying Abroad is something I think everyone should do. So far it is exhilarating, revealing, and teaches you things could never learn otherwise. However, like all big things in life, it is not at all what you expect. It is alien and it is terrifying and it is lonely. But it's worth it.


More Swedish things I've noticed:

-Outdoor seating when it's below freezing. What. In America we pack up outside seating half way through September. Here, they have heat lamps and blankets set out around the outdoor tables and people actually choose to sit there. Swedes don't give a fuck.

-There are dogs on mass transit all the time. I guess I don't know this for sure but I'm pretty sure it is illegal to bring your dog on the bus or subway just on a leash chillin. Not so here. They're adorable though!

-People don't take notes here? I need to do some more observation before I'm sure on this one but during my last lecture I noticed that I was the only one who got out a notebook, let alone took any notes.

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  1. i still get that every time i leave for the summer. i think it's extremely good for people to jump of the deep end and put themselves in those situations.