Monday, February 6, 2012

Nick - I'm Not Even Payin' Attention

Friday Conor (Today's his birthday!) mentioned this song to me a little while back, and I've only now really got into it.
One line in particular jumps out at me:

"I get better as I get more worn down."

This semester I've been really busy. And sometimes in the past I've told people that I'm really busy when I have a task or two I have to do, but this semester is genuinely really busy in a way that I haven't experienced before.

It's been almost two months since I've played a video game, excluding social settings. I've been trying to re-watch The Wire; my goal is to watch one episode every day, but sometimes I don't manage to.

Generally my days this semester consist of waking up (this is the hardest part), eating breakfast, trying to be at class by ten. Classes last until 2 or 3:30, depending on the day; on the 3:30 days I go running and lift immediately after class. Then I shower and eat dinner and I'm done with that by 6:30 or 7. I give myself a little time to play guitar, then I translate latin. I check the news, and then usually I talk to someone on facebook chat and listen to music while I brief cases. (I'm taking a law course this semester.) Sometimes I have to write speeches or papers, too. I'm in bed by midnight on weekdays.

I just read that paragraph over and realized that this is the boringest post in the world.

Improv is my favorite recourse from my relentless schedule; I'm up to 11 hours of improv a week, on weeks that I don't have Titanic shows.

Anyway, the point I think I'm getting at is that this pace is good for me. It requires more responsibility, and while it's grating, it's not impossible.

So cast your own; soldier on.

Sometimes I fall way short on sleep during the weekend; I don't often have spare hours to work on music; a few of my friendships are straddling a very thin line.

But you guys, I am getting so much shit done.

My goal is to push hard all semester so that I can have some leeway next semester, when I'm going to have a house and I'm going to want all the spare time I can get. Hopefully I can do that without crashing. (I hope we're all in crash position when we hit.)

I want to say 'No Distractions,' but truth be told, the Distractions are my favorite part.



  1. Do not say you are busy like you've never experienced before and then talk about watching an hour-long TV show almost every day. Humbug.

  2. It's technically Thursday. Someone get my godawful post off the front page.