Monday, March 19, 2012

Nick - I'm In New Orleans, Doing New Orleans Things

Oh hey guys. I guess I really don't have to post since Conor posted for all of us on Friday, but I don't know when to quit, so here I am.

Classic Brian and I spent 11 hours on Saturday (we made good time) driving south. It was pretty fun. I made Brian talk in his Lumpy Space Princess voice for the last hour of the journey. We drove through Mississippi, which is the dullest place in America according to Mr. Horne. (We second the opinion.)

We also had some interesting experiences with out GPS. See, it won't tell you the next thing you have to do unless you press the Voice Button. There was a good hour and a half where, when the Voice Button was pressed, it just said "Drive straight for over 300 miles."

Brian and I said nothing to each other, we just pressed the Voice Button every five minutes for an hour and a half, waiting for it to say something else. Good times.

ANYWAY, New Orleans. Classic and I have decided we're going to live here. Everyone here is friendly. There's so much culture, everywhere you look. Music on every street corner; all the shops and restaurants are local. There are artists selling their works on the streets.

I have a better sense of style than any of these motherfuckers. I'm used to being compared to other Champaign-Urbana people, but I expected better from you New Orleans folks.

We went on a run and checked out all the cool stores and hung out with a friend from Springfield.

Shoutout to my girl, Camille Floyd. What a cool lady. I would give a shoutout to her boyfriend too, but I'm terrified I'll spell his name wrong.

Anyway, yeah, this is the best. We're going to live here some day, because we like being here better than we like any of you people.


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  1. YAYYYYY!!!!! I finally got a shout out. Loving it.