Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nick - Jackie Chan Adventures

So right now I'm watching the children's cartoon Jackie Chan Adventures, which I haven't seen since I was a kid. There are many reasons that this is the best show.

1. It's silly

Jackie Chan, the main character of the show is way whiter than the real Jackie Chan. He is also not voiced by the real Jackie Chan, making the entire connection to Jackie Chan tenuous. Luckily this disconnect allows him to do things that no human could actually do, such as jumping across the roofs of buildings while keeping pace with a car on the highway.

2. It's hilariously stereotypical

Jackie's uncle, appropriately named "Uncle," is a stereotypical Asian old guy. His catchphrase, "one more thing," is highly quotable. He also has a sassy niece from China. All of the artifacts that the show centers around are based on some vague, unspecified Asian culture.

3. The villains are dumb

The villains in this show don't stand a chance. They don't stand a chance and they know they don't stand a chance. They always attack and then Jackie Chan starts kicking their ass and then they give up and run away.

4. This song.

To play us out...


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