Thursday, October 18, 2012

Questions about nose zits

robert langellier

I don't even know how to react to this feeling. I have a zit in my nose, man. It doesn't really hurt, I don't think. It kinda feels like a rash or a skin inflammation, except a rash that also takes up the air inside your nose. It kinda feels like my nose is distended. Like somebody's blowing up a balloon in my nostril.

I'm just really out of my element here. What in my life can I compare this sensation to? Besides balloons. It really opens up the doors of perception for me. This is a thing that, as far as I knew, wasn't supposed to happen, wasn't able to happen. What am I supposed to believe now? Maybe I'll get a zit on the book I'm reading. Look out, "White Noise," you're about to get stuffed with pus. I hope the pages stick. Then I won't have to keep reading it. "White Noise" isn't good, guys. Don't read it. Maybe I'll get a zit on my imagination. Maybe I'll get a zit on my friend. That would be wild. She'd have to sympathize with me for the zit that she has.

More importantly, everywhere around my left nostril is pretty sensitive now. So how am I supposed to pick my nose? Get back to me on that, guys.

Is the tissue stuff on the inside of your nose still even skin? Can a zit develop on that stuff? I guess so. So that begs the question: if that's skin, then where does your skin end? Does it keep on wrapping, up inside your nose and folding under the inside of everything in your body? Can I get a zit under my scalp? On my retina? That would be insane. Imagine that popping; your entire visual world for a few moments would be a white explosion of upside-down pus. I can't say that I don't want that to happen to me someday.

Guys, do any of you have zits in your noses? I'm thinking about getting some people together to talk about it.

Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and tag this with my name. To 100!

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  1. pussious, pussant, pusty, puslike, pussient, pussated, pussish, opustrious, vagina.