Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nick - Fuck You, I've Written 119 Classic Brians

And I went through and tagged all of them.

(Minus one about jellyfish that Blogger has, for some reason, decided shall never be updated, edited, deleted, or otherwise amended.)

Remember when Eliot posted this? Ohohohohoho! The foolishness! While Eliot was contemplating who had got to 100 first, I was sitting comfortably at 107.

"While it is unknown as to whether Nick or I have accumulated more blog posts over CB's existence (it's certainly turned into a two-man game of late), let's just pretend that I own the lion's share." - Eliot Sill

Ha! Man, I am so hard working.

You might think that just because I've missed a few posts, I'm out of the game. Don't count on it, bitches. Daddy's home.



  1. All I've wanted for months is for Eliot to fall from the top of that "Tags" list. This is my favorite way for that to happen.

  2. The burden of being more committed than everyone else is off my shoulders. Also Robert goes from silver to bronze, which I can consider a win. Also another person to drown out the Conor, whose pathetic total of 30 is neither accurate nor worthy of being tagged. Also, I feel like the quote is indicative of the fact that I knew I wasn't the truest Classic Brianer. The only disappointing development here is me being the blue mage. What the fuck.


  3. ^Most irritatingly self-saving comment I can even fathom.

    ~ Lauren