Thursday, June 3, 2010

Change of plans

Eliot Sill is manning the blog tonight again because I'm awesome.
Speaking of me, now would be an opportune time for me to tell you who I am in detail.

I was raised differently than you, and had fun with it. I have two older brothers and several friends that have molded my personality to the unique and obscure entity it is today. I was raised on sports. I love football and basketball. I can watch them without end for days at a time. I was raised on Green Bay Packers and Michael Jordan, Master P was the soundtrack to my toddler years (thanks to my eldest hermano Andrew), but "What I Got" (Sublime if you're a dumbass) was the first song I had memorized.

My parents have recently gotten divorced, which is some fucked up shit if you've never been through it before. I'm not here to bitch and moan about it, but it certainly makes you think.

Next year you can catch me at U of I Champaign, majoring in the futile field of Journalism. Hopefully you like my writing, because it's my livelihood waiting to happen. If you don't like my writing then buzz off.

It's third quarter and Celtics are getting squashed. I hate Boston but I can't really vouch for LA either. Lakers and Celtics have won over HALF of the NBA titles ever. HALF! Keep in mind the Cubs haven't won a title in 100 years. That's ridawkulous. I can't decide who to root for because both teams annoy the crap out of me for different reasons. The Celtics are a bunch of pricks and the Lakers won 4 out of 10 titles in the last decade, and have been in contention for six of them. Both teams are despicably annoying. SPORTS!

Also, since you asked, Cory Robinson will be relieving Tynan Shevlin of duty for this blog. So for now I'm rambling about some bullshit you don't care about, but Cory hits the keys next week, and that motherfucker is interesting.

I picked up writing when school made me. I was good at it because school told me I was. Since then I've been putting words on screens and papers as a method of getting them out of my mind.

Please forgive me for the three minutes of your life that I'm sapping, but it'll all be worth it once we figure this whole thing out. Your interest will peak, I swear it.

Classic moment of the day: I filled out my FAFSA and my U of I applications differently, because of a discrepancy in the NAME category. Apparently Eliot Sill's Financial Aid money didn't get transferred to Robert E. Sill's application. Yeah, I feel like the dumbest. Application change form has been faxed, but I'm still hoping that money transfers successfully. Thanks for reminding me my college registration date was today Brian. Too bad I missed it because I don't know my own name.

--Eliot Sill

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