Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mada- Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me

So remember that post I wrote about the procrastination problem I have?...

So anyway. You know what I hate? Facebook. Yeah, I use it all the time I still think it's one of the worst things in my life. First of all, I hate the fact that it is so central in people's lives. How many times have you witnessed a first meeting that includes "HAHA YOU'RE REALLY FUNNY BTW ARE YOU ON FACEBOOK." Or --more realistically-- when you meet a person you wouldn't mind "getting to know" on a "more personal level" if you "know what I mean"-- and you immediately look them up on the FB. (By the way, I was talking about sex back there. Sex.) This is the beginning of completely legitimate method of research called "creeping." But while I take part in this activity and am defending it here, I hate the idea of it. I should know that you love Muse based on you telling me you love Muse. And while we're on the subject of "creeping", can I just say how unsettling the activity is. People will literally spend hours on Facebook looking through people's pictures, wall posts, stati and about me's so that they can figure out exactly what that person is about. No matter how long you "creep", you're never going to really know the person until you have real conversations with them. Just because we both watch Arrested Development does not mean we're going to get along. You have to talk to people. You have to. Sending an inbox message does not count.

I do realize I am being hypocritical since I use Facebook on the daily and do a bit of my own "creeping", but that doesn't change the fact that I hate it. It's like cigarettes. You hate them and swear you'll never smoke, and then you try them and they make you cough and hack and smell bad, but then one day you look around and you're addicted. Facebook is a drug, the perfect time killer. But I rediscover it's pointlessness every time I log in. I have considered deleting my Facebook multiple times but as I ready myself for that most difficult release, I realize how important it has become to social networking. Facebook has become necessary and there's no way around it. Besides assisting in my personality research, it really does help you connect with old friends. And by "connect," I mean think briefly about how you don't talk anymore whenever their photo albums pop up on your news feed. Then go through every single picture in said photo album. In short, Facebook sucks but is a necessary evil. It feeds my addiction to petty judgment and makes me unsure as to whether I know someone in "real life" yet, but it also makes me think about people who would otherwise have been lost to the past.

We love it, but we can't truly trust it. Remember, even though my info is great, I may still suck.



PS I am in a relay for life team (Conor's team actually) and I need to raise a bunch of money by Friday. If anyone is willing to help me out by donating let me know. I would really really appreciate it.


  1. I don't think I understand the relevance of your title.

  2. Gurl, whatcho full name? I'm gonna hit you up like you never been hit up before on facebook bitch.