Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Have The Flu

A few thoughts:

Harry Potter was really good. Like really really good. I thought they did an excellent job putting the book into film and am sooo happy they decided to split it into two parts. I will say that this movie was very much for the fans. This makes me extremely happy but it also means that a lot of it is probably really confusing to those who haven't read the books and I have no idea how interesting it is to someone who isn't anxiously awaiting every plot twist. Like the mirror thing. Did anyone ever explain the mirror thing? Nope.

How do you decorate you dorm room to show everyone that you're really cool and awesome without looking like a douche bag? I love Bob Dylan and Bob Marley just as much as the next guy but I don't think there's any way to have posters of either of these people in my room without looking like a tool.

Having the flu for the past 48 hours allowed me to take advantage of something I have pretty much ignored up to this point; the tv in my room. Realizing the remote worked was a crazy feeling and I started to get a little excited about my day in bed. But the I remembered that day time television is horrible. So then I napped some more.

I really like that new Katy Perry song Firework.

I realized today that my roommate and I have never really formed a relationship and that she will be gone in two weeks. Today we ran into each other in the bathroom and exchanged awkward mumbled hellos before I left and it occurred to me that I will probably hardly remember her. Since I have no real memories of us together, in a year it will seem like I never shared a room with her. I don't really like her but that is still a rather sad thought.

-Mada Lenore James Conrad Lee Larson


  1. Your roommate is scary. If I lived with her I wouldn't be able to sleep.

  2. Hahaha flu...that's what you get for neglecting to hang out with me anymore.

  3. Last time I was over there you left the room for a minutes and she told me she really really likes you. And that she's going to miss you. And that she reads Classic Brian.