Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ramblings and Runnings from Me to Us.

Okay, so I'm in a car. Riiiiiiiiight now. Driving home from Champaign Urbana. Two days early, cuz I'm a badass. I don't need foolish charades such as class and learning to make me the most intelligent person in the world. In fact, I thrive on knowing everything I need to without trying to know everything I need to. It just happens. Like periods.

Anyway, I don't have a clear goal for this post, and I definitely don't have internet here on the road so there will be no crafty links or hilarious and ironic pictures. Sorry, buds. So where are we headed? Eh, south, probably. However that doesn't mean that you guys don't need to hear me rant and rave about random occurences.

Okay, what's been going on this past week with me? A whole lotta nothing basically. Stayed in on Friday in favor of Final Fantasy and NBA 2K11. I like basketball and dragons, what can I say? Ps, I had this idea. Well I had these ideas. Here we go. We've got an ideear. Random thought line post? Sure.

Quarterbacks in football should be allowed, in fact, required, to ride horses. Spend the next two minutes envisioning that, have fun.

Some people are just bitches. You deal with them as best you can, and when they turn their back you roll your eyes and say “I'm really glad that I don't have to deal with you anymore for a while”. It's okay to dislike people, really.

Guns should be outlawed. Duh.

Pot should be illegal. It's way more epic that way.

Illinois should rename itself Abraham Lincoln. It's time to become American. Like for real, we aren't injuns.

I found a silly band at Classic Brian's dorm the other day that is ridiculously big. I've been wearing it around my waist since Saturday. Yeah. I'm fit.

School is hard, but if you don't wanna do great, like if you just wanna do good, then you really don't have to try all that hard. Just be able to know when you need to step up.

I really love the Bulls. I demand to go to a Bulls game. I have yet to attend a Bulls game, and dammit I'm a bigger fan then mosta these hoes. D-Rose makes me so happy on a nightly basis.

Lauren Leonatti and Jenni Austiff are a couple cool chicks from Chatham. Who knew?

Props to SHS for finally getting a playoff W. The second one was sweeter. Don't worry about fucking up against Chatham, we still thought it was awesome. (OKAY SERIOUSLY NONE OF THEM WILL READ THIS AT ALL)

Is it weird that I casually listen to music from Final Fantasy VII? You would think but...

This statement has nothing to do with the last one. Well actually now, eh, damn.

If you feel like we haven't talked to me in a while, Skype me. You can look me up yourself. If you don't have Skype, then call or text. I'm in one of those moods.

Do you guys think I can get Ganja to marry me?

Fountains are really stupid. Think about it.

You know why people stand around and drink in college? Because that's all that college provides for. It gives you a bunch of empty rooms and a culture that embraces and prides itself on drinking. They boast that 19% of students here don't drink. And I think that's just undergrads. Really? That's ALMOST one in five.

I'm going to do a fun project. I bought a recorder because that's what journalists have. So I need one for when I play dress up. What I was thinking was doling it out to friends of mine so that they could record themselves and talk to me. Just give me a message that I will hear at a time of convenience. I want you to talk to me. Just ramble for ten minutes. I love to hear you be you. Wanna be a part? Ask a fella. I'm not going to make anybody do it that doesn't want to. I'll return the favor somehow so I'm not just using you for an ego-boost. Well, so that's not ALL I'm doing. I love my fans.

I haven't played poker in a while. Anybody wanna play a game of poker over TG break?

Speakin' a which, I'm dead excited to see my Springfield peeps. Especially Brian Malone. It's been like 28 hours bro!

It's hard to define “it”, but “it” is what makes rap great. I can't define it, but I can feel it. If you can't feel it then you don't like rap. If you do feel it you will like rap. Good rap songs have it flowing beautifully in synchronization with their beat. There's more to rap than studio keyboard and self-righteous lyrics. Well, more to GOOD rap anyway.

Do I miss having a job? I don't wanna admit that, but paychecks are fucking sweet. Except for the fact that they're never as high as you want them to be. You always hope for the surprise that you worked 20 more hours than you did. NEVER happens. Why God?

Mada's post last night was great. Almost as good as Brian's. Good job team!


I'm a Packers fan. I love the Packers like I love my cats. Ladies, the head start you have by being a Packers fan is similar to if you came up to me on the street and told me you loved my cats.

I wanna drum. Like REAL BADleh.

My brother just lit up a cigarette. Suckin' the thin dick of death. Mmm MM!

Soul night: Dinner at Florida Avenue Residence Hall where they serve black people food. Stereotypical as shit. But they nail it, and it is so God damn delicious. Also they have Kool-Aid. Yummness.

Tynan Shevlin looks like Michael Jackson. I'm concerned.

Is the countryside beautiful? I couldn't tell you. I suppose it's more prettier durin the day, but also I feel like I'm just immune to Illinois scenery. If I met Abraham Lincoln I wouldn't even flip out. I'd be like yo, I probably know more about you than you do. Not to mention reluctantly. #fucklincoln

Speaking of which, hashtags should become more normal. They're like rap lyrics, but more accessible to the mind of white people. Which is good, because white people have trouble with rap lyrics. It's funny.

ESPN is a joke. They show nothing but Brett Favre and the Heat and steroids. It sucks, for everyone.

It's been a while since I've played a good video game. Honestly the last one that wasn't FF was Uncharted 2, and that was at Christmas, feel free to throw a title or too my way.

I brought home four garbage bags of laundry. Garbage bags. Yeah.

These things are hard to write sometimes. An idea can come to you during the week, but it's got a fifty-fifty shot of slipping your mind before you step up to the keyboard to write a blog post. If you do remember it, you have to be passionate about it, because if not your writing's going to suck. (Here's the part where I would link to Mada's ten-word post if I had access to the internet). Then you have to make sure it's an interesting subject in the first place. Well, I guess you don't have to, but you should.

Lists suck, Brendan. Just kidding. Just lists about books.

Books suck.

Harry Potter is a self-righteous douche.

So is AJ Delaurio, but he pulls it off well.

Almost as well as Ben Shane.

Answer to the question in your mind: I don't know. I don't know what I'm talking about. Uhh.

Anyway, back to drinking in college. They give you a bunch of open rooms to stand around and drink in. The one thing that everyone can say without denial is cool is drinking and hooking up. Want people to not think you're weird? Get drunk and hook up with trashed girls. That'll make you normal. How embarrassing.

CrossTape did a show with Twista and didn't make a huge deal out of it. Fuck that.

For those of you out there thinking about pulling a 180 on their life plans. It's college. We're here to find out what's really interesting.

Conor and I still have to build a wall. Can that be this summer?

Now I'm getting back into Springfield. Time to think of something clever to end this post.

Did I just spite myself out completely? I can't think of anything now that would be nearly clever enough to overcome the fact that I just told you I'm trying to be clever.

How inconvenient. Rememer when I wrote about Springfield and how much I love it? (No? Oh, well then...) It's so weird. It honestly feels like a third parent. And not a good one. 0 for 3. :(


Can't wait to grow up. Gonna get a job. Gonna have some money. Gonna have my own things. Maybe I'll get a dog. Whoa.

My brother now tells me we're stopping by a friend's house to say hi. Apparently the dude just had his second kid (I KNOW, I KNOW, HE didn't have the baby, I get it. You're stupid for thinking I was that stupid.) less than a week ago. Crazy. That baby is still raw.

Having a new kid is like learning a new summon spell.

On second thought, maybe I'm not ready to grow up yet.

Just kidding pops, I love you too. No homo though. Boy would THAT be weird.

Music plays. Yup. It's a fadeout.

--Eliot Sill


  1. Yeah. Yeah we got that wall, bro.

    - Conor

  2. Can you imagine introducing yourself and telling everyone you're from Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln?

  3. HEY! At least I posted! Don't compare me to Brian.


  4. at the time of me writing this you hadn't. but good job. as long as i havent posted on WED that's your right. and of course that wall is got by us. and raeann, thats yet another reason to move away from Lincoln. as if you need any more =P


  5. If you ever loan me your recorder I will talk into it endlessly. Seriously, no matter how bored you get you will never be able to listen to it all.

    It would be like if I had a camera on my computer and a YouTube channel.

  6. Some notes:

    We'd have a lot more cool Chatham friends if Lauren had succeeded in merging cool friend groups. But she didn't.

    SHG had no one to impress now that my class is gone. They could've won if they wanted to.

    Just kidding, like I care anyway.

    Yeah fountains ARE stupid WTF.

    Why can't Soul Night serve food to white people, too?

  7. @Nick. Awesome. Just don't go over like 40 hours.

    @Robert. True, true, true, true, fuck you.