Saturday, November 20, 2010

Springfield, Springfield!

Oh Springfield, how I've missed you. It's so good to see your familiar face all around me. It's so very, very nostalgic. I can't wait to see everyone that's been off at colleges that aren't U of I, and I hope that that actually goes to fruition. Here are the main things I've missed about Springfield.
1. Steak 'N' Shake. Don't worry, I've already paid you a visit.
2. FFFF. Did it last night. Minus a member, and not as hardcore, but again, check.
3. Family. Eh... Just kidding. Love those guys!
4. Thai food. We shall soon meet again.
5. Real movie theaters. Harry Potter, anyone? Still need to see this.
6. Sno Bizz. Gonna have to wait awhile on that one...
7. My room. What a beautiful place. My sister trashed it while I was gone, but it's back to its original pristine condition. That took me all of 2 seconds to start working on. I said "Hi" to my family, then went straight upstairs and got back into the comfort zone. Aaaaah.
8. Wireless internet. Using that shit right now.
9. VHS. I love 'em. I don't have VHS player in my room anymore, but the VHS that are left in my room on the shelves...look so damn good.
10. Having a futon. The convenientest.
11. Actually being able to be alone in my room. I don't miss you, roommate.
12. A real, comfortable bed. Glorious.
13. A PC that actually allows me to play games on it.
14. Real home-cooked meals.

Things I don't miss:
1. The absolutely shitty water pressure in my shower.
2. Having to explain to parents where I'm going and for how long.
3. Not being able to be loud ALL THE TIME.

That's it, short and sweet.


P.S. - Can't wait to hardcore FFFF

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