Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No, YOUR post was desperate.

Single White Female age 18 seeking Single Male ages 15 to 35 and a half.

Bio: Freshmen at University of Illinois with no current future plans. Skilled at piano, math and cutting people down. Good throwing arm.

Work Experience: Abercrombie Kids employee (EDIT- recently received a merit raise from 8.25 to 8.75 (EDIT- sells jeggings like its her job)).

Interests: walking, soccer balls, looking, seeing, candy, ghouls, boyz, hairz, bookz, antique scissors, jumping, landing, Miley, the movie Brink, weed, children, inhibitionz

Dislikes: packing things in boxes, college, music in cars (EDIT- annoying), talking, listening, hearing, dudes named Magnus, my childhood, your childhood (SEE- Dislikes: listening), ripe bananas, blogging, single moms

Application Requirements: None

Deal Breakers: blindness, excessive kindness, uppity, Catholic, good at flute, bad at gunz, Conor O'Brien, emotions

Contact Information: Classic Brian (EDIT- Tuesdays)


  1. Ah shit that means we can't date?


  2. Bitch lemme get a holla, I'm the fuckin scribniz (YEAH) and I like basically like all that shit you like, and I hate all that shit you hate, especially that Conor O'Brien queef. What's that queer all about? Right? What a fucking chode-sack that dick-tree is. ANYWAYS, I'm like 32 and male and the shit and white. You can find me pretty much anywhere that ass-hat Conor O'Brien ain't. Peace bitch.

    -ScRiBnIzZzZzZ YEAH!