Sunday, January 23, 2011

Robert - Live Blog: Battle of the Souls

1st Quarter

13:25 — Hannah has officially accepted the bet. Aaron Rodgers has completed some good passes. Madden's advice from Madden 64 taught me as a child that this is conducive to winning.

10:50 — Packers on pace for a 96-0 victory. Hannah will regret ever dating me.

10:45 — Bears legendary defense proves itself again by tackling Bears returner.

6:23 — Packers finally fail to get a first down on a play. And it wasn't a touchdown.

5:47 — It's okay, next play was a 10-yard run.

4:49 — The ball goes way farther when they kick it. The quarterbacks could make way longer passes if they used that.

2nd Quarter

14:06 — Only buying products with funny commercials from now on. If we work together, we can make TV more interesting.

11:28 — I've noticed they get more yards when they pass than when they run. NFL needs to give up on the past.

11:13 — 14-0 Packers. We've officially reached my limit for pushups.

10:12 — This room is rooting for the Packers. The room across from us is rooting for the Bears. Every play hurts my ears.

8:39 — In my day, Charles Woodson was in college.

4:06 — Googling what a Packer is.

4:06 — Unimpressed by committee in charge of naming the Packers.

2:00 — "I'm so excited for 'Mama's Boyfriend' to come out" is not the same as "I'm so excited for my mom's boyfriend to come out."

:49 — Interception

:32 — Interception


*Commentators far more excited than actual players.

*Hannah texts me, "Why are none of your updates about the game?" Because 'Packers dominate' gets boring after a while.

3rd Quarter

11:00 — 26 game minutes away from continuing to own Hannah.

9:48 — Bears gaining as many yards for the Packers as the Packers.

9:00 — Packers give ball to Bears because Todd Collins is more entertaining to watch than our own scoring.

8:44 — Aaron Rodgers gives Brian Urlacher a taste of his own medicine.

8:35 — Collins throws incomplete pass on 3rd and long. Bears fans go crazy.

4:38 — Packers players learn empathy after getting stopped on 3rd down.

3:10 — What if "Chariots of Fire" played over the speakers during gameplay?

1:13 — Bears frustrated with inability to tackle Packers. Tackles own Bear teammate again.

:57 — Bears holding open tryouts on sidelines to find 4th string quarterback.

4th Quarter 

12:02 — Packers fans learn fear after allowing easy touchdown.

11:03 — Concussed Aaron Rodgers hopes that penalties advance Green Bay into the end zone.

7:22 — Purchasing Old Spice. Making TV more interesting.

6:04 — Things I'm going to make Hannah get me when I win: care package, signed letter acknowledging my superiority, the head of a bat, ten dollars

4:43 — Things I'm going to do if I lose: Regret doing this.

1:27 — I order the Bears to stop advancing.

:00 — Caleb Hanie is the MVP of this game.

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  1. This was a great idea! And by a great idea I mean a great way to gain some ground in the name-tagged-posts competition. tie my ass. i'll see about this.