Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Demand That Someone Writes A Post About Me

So I forgot to post last night. No one is shocked. It's weird because I even talked to Eliot at dinner about how I needed to write my Classic Brian and yet I went to bed around midnight without a second thought. Oh well.

I only have about ten minutes before I need to leave for class again but I thought I would at least throw something out there, so here it goes.

I miss you guys. For realz. I miss my friends from this summer. Even you Brendan. I miss my friends who would go play tag and climb on shit and play four square even though we graduated high school and we were supposed to be getting schwatsed. I miss the improv troupe and the people we hung out with. I have made awesome friends here that I love but no one truly understands my humor. I always feel like I need to explain my humor or ease into it or something. Four members of Classic Brian go here but we are all so separated that it still doesn't help. Plus, it is still a partial group so the dynamic isn't right. Honestly, I often didn't feel like doing improv on Sundays from 3 to 5 but I went anyway because I got to be myself 100 percent including being annoying as hell and it would be fine.

Conor O'Brien. You're a faggot. I wish you went here. I secretly hope you don't find anyone as cool as me at Oklahoma because I'm selfish. I still consider you my best friend. Probably mostly because you don't like me that much and I think you're a douche. I doubt I will find anyone I can connect with as hard as I do with you.

Anyway, fuck all of you.



  1. You have to write a post about someone else first. That's how it works.

  2. Number one, I totally spelled Brendan's name right. Don't worry about it.

    Number two, that doesn't even make sense Nick. Robert demanded Conor write a post about him without writing one bout someone. It has to start with someone doing it first unprecedented. It's like the chicken and the egg thing or whatever.


  3. Your response to my comment was longer than your Classic Brian from last week.

  4. I think I write about myself so often no one thinks twice about writing about me. Even if they did, they probably wouldn't understaaaaaand me.

  5. Three things here:
    1. No one will ever write a post about me, but I have written and will write another about Nick.
    2. Remember when we barely ever hung out during summer/hang out now? Lame.
    3. I guarantee that this post about not posting, as well as your last post about not posting, will get more views than any of my posts ever will, regardless of how good or bad they are. I hate the Mada Factor here.

    -Slightly Annoyed But Still Classic

  6. ^ And yeah, I'll be a damn pity party if I damn well want to. Dammit.