Sunday, April 17, 2011

Moist Loaf

The English language is bullshit. It probably has more rules than any other language and they seem to only exist to be broken. It is definitely not user-friendly, so good luck if you're trying to learn it. Let's look at a prime example. This is perhaps my least favorite word in existence: indefatigable. What the fuck, English. The prefix “in” typically means “not”. Ok cool. “De” usually means something along the lines of undoing. “Fatigable” implies able to be fatigued, so able to become tired. “Indefatigable” means not able to become tired. So what's the “de” doing in this word? Why isn't the word just “infatigable”. Shenanigans.

Why do words with ck exist? I wish I lived in a world where everything was spelled how it sounds like it should be spelled. Spell clock “clok”. Sure it looks weird when you read it here, but only because we've always seen it spelled “clock”. And even if the words aren't spelled stupidly, so many of them are soooooo ugly. Warmthy. Heinous. Gogy. Milk. Peeni.

Anyway, I'm watching Space Jam. So...this post is half-assed. And now it's over.



  1. At least our nouns don't have genders.

  2. Warmthy, gogy, and peeni are all not words. I'm honored that you used Moist Loaf as a title / knew about it. Don't complain about stupid grammar until you take latin.