Monday, April 18, 2011

Nick - Pop Culture According To Nick Dietrich

Jersey Shore takes place on the beaches of California, where there are lots of frat houses. It's a story about a girl named Snooki and a guy named Situation. Situation wears jerseys all the time, which is how the show got its name. Snooki and Situation throw all the coolest parties together. Snooki is secretly sad that she dropped out of college instead of following her dreams and getting a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Jay Z was a short-lived method of coded communication used by the French in World War II. It was named Jay Z because it used only the letters J through Z of the alphabet, in an attempt to make the code appear more simplistic than it was. The code was legendarily cracked by Italian scientist Dr. Thaddeus Drey less than a month after its implementation.

Tyler the Creator is a musical prodigy. He was given this nickname for the sculptures he made in 4th grade, being incredibly gifted at art due to his high IQ. Recently he released an album of his classical piano talents. He is the youngest person to ever flawlessly play Bach's Fantasy and Fugue. He is only 12 years old.

Angry Birds is a children's cartoon about two birds, Melvin and Manglano, who get up to all sorts of wacky hijinks together. The show's most popular episode featured Melvin and Manglano buying a pet pig, who's affection they competed for. The episode ended when the pig was accidentally blown up in a firework display designed by Manglano to get its attention.

The Miami Heat was a deadly heat wave, taking place in 1972. At least 109 people were killed in the event. The heat wave lasted for 10 days, with temperatures consistently above 100 degrees during the day. The Miami Heat is often referred to angrily because greedy air conditioning company executives refused to keep their repair men working on the weekend of the heat, and are often blamed for many of the deaths.

127 Hours is a documentary, covering the battle between the Roman army against the Galls in modern-day Spain. The Romans, with their superior training, were able to overcome the Gallic forces 127 hours after war was declared, making it the shortest war in history. The documentary focuses on the courage and hopelessness of the Gallic forces as they bravely resisted their Roman conquerors.

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  1. "Nick Dietrich" is an ancient Roman obscenity used in battles to intimidate opponents. Unfortunately, in all other ancient/dead languages, "Nick Dietrich" translates to "You're wonderful," thereby only entertaining the enemy. Only once did the shouted slur actually distract the other side enough to give the Romans an advantage. In this instance, the opposition was a litter of puppies.

  2. this is my favorite classic brian post ever

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