Wednesday, October 26, 2011

November is a Shit Month and I Will Have None of it.

Every single year, November fucking blows. It's colder than you expect it to be, you have more homework than any other time in the semester (or year really) and you haven't had a break from general shit since mid August. As I write this post on Tuesday, October 25th*, we are a mere 6** days from the arrival of that little bitch of a month; November, and there is nothing we can do to prepare for it.

First of all, dressing for November is hard and I don't like it. As a GDI (GodDamn Independent), I do not own an adorable North Face fleece jacket and I will not own an adorable North Face fleece jacket until I am at least 25 and they aren't cool anymore. Therefore, when it is 40 degrees everyday I can a. wear a winter coat which would be practical and warm but I look like a TOTAL LOSER, b. wear the gross, oddly shaped fleece that zips out of my winter coat from 9th grade, or c. just be really fucking cold everyday. I'm obvi never going to pick that first option and will thus feel either extremely unattractive or uncomfortably cold every day.

Next, school is awful and I hate it. First semester used to be about two weeks longer and people took finals after Christmas. This was clearly a terrible idea so they shortened it so that finals could be completed by the time we went home for festivities (thank gods). Even though this is a positive change in most ways it makes the end of the semester seem really scrunched and every teacher thinks it's a good idea to put their last midterm, third paper and extra honors assignment in the three weeks before Thanksgiving Break. Awesome. I will now spend about 20 dollars a week on fancy coffees and spend about as much time napping between classes as I do sleeping at night.

Lastly, it has just been way too long since I was able to just lay around for three days reading and eating. U of I is mean and stupid and therefore doesn't think that its students deserve a fall break. This means that I have gone to class 5 days a week for 10 goddamn weeks straight (ignoring Labor Day because it is far too early in the semester to ever really be appreciated). During second semester, Spring Break is usually about 9 weeks in, almost exactly half way through. This makes sense. Thanksgiving Break is 14 weeks in and U of I has 8 days of classes before "reading day" and finals begin. SO DUMB. Those two (one and a half) weeks after break are pretty much pointless and the 14 week stretch before break is torture.

Solutions: There are none. Perhaps I could help the weather situation by finding some warm yet cute jacket alternative but those two things don't really go together in girl's clothing. Other than that, I/we are doomed. School is always going to be hard and Thanksgiving is always going to be the third week of November. If anyone can think of some tips to make me less miserable during this dreaded eleventh month, let me know.

*Let's not kid ourselves; Wednesday, October 26th


  1. I have class, so I only read the first sentence, but you should meet my friend Eliot because you guys would get along well.

  2. Fuck November in half.