Monday, January 30, 2012

Nick - A Plight Of Pain And Passion

I climbed up from the wretched hole, now tired and short of breath
And weary from my nearly fatal run-in there with death
I stretched myself out in the sun to find a moment's rest
Then pondered in my pious soul; now where must I go next?

Clenching in my fist the gold for which I had been sent
A chalice, which, from my own folly, now was sorely bent
I set out west upon my quest to wander yet some more
I shall seek a man of steel to have its shape restored.

The blacksmith in this cozy town considers my request
He mentions some misgivings, but he says he'll do his best
He says a sum of twenty-one in coinage should be fair
I empty out my pocket, finding only four are there.

A deal agreed, I stay to feed the pigs for several days
And he will fix the chalice with the sum that I am paid
For all these days I think upon the status of my home
Surely they must worry I've collapsed, no more to roam.

Upon completion of the task I set out yet again
To find the marble pillars of the castle of my kin
The chalice in my hand, its shape is glorious, restored
I heave relief to think that I should have to roam no more.

I'm watching the horizon for the castle's brilliant spire
When in the distance is a sight that swallows me with ire
My eyes tear up, my anger such as that I nearly choke
For there I see in front of me, not marble, rising smoke.

I ride up to the castle, foreign soldiers at the post
And fearing for my wife that she may now be just a ghost
I call upon the strength of ancient heroes that I know
Aeneas and Ulysses, please be with me as I go.

The en'my's flag above my head encumbers me with rage
I strike one soldier, then am stricken while I'm turned away
They throw me down upon the ground, while shouting vulgar things
They bind my hands and drag me up to see their champion king.

So in the throne room I am thrown where my king used to rule
And Aerolis stares down at me, a king both rich and cruel
He chortles at my grim condition, seeing that it's bleak
His laugh a high and raspy laugh, he thus begins to speak:

"Your people fell to fiery hell, they're there now as we speak
But now you've brought me what I need; the chalice that you keep
So tell me where it is that such a thing is wont to be
And I'll unbind your hands, perhaps, and maybe let you free."

I stared at him with fury brewing quickly in my eyes
"So thank you for your offer sir, I think I'd rather die."
I spot my bag in one guard's hand, and kick it to the ground
The chalice spills out on the floor and makes a cracking sound.

They dive at me, but now I move as if I am possessed
They catch me not before my hatred clearly is expressed
I crush the cup beneath my foot and into pieces small
This which brought such pain here must be evil, after all.

Once again they throw me down, but now my task complete
Their king steps down to me until my head is at his feet
"I'll send you to the dungeon; I'll make sure I hear your screams
For what you've done in here just now has broken all my dreams."

"Well my dreams were of home before I came back to this place"
I counter with a sneer, now satisfaction on my face
"I can't make up for what was done,  and this much may be true
But for your part in what took place I'll ruin life for you."

"We'll see who gets the last laugh now!" The cruel Aerolis wails,
"So my revenge for your revenge will see you die in jail."
I could have bought a brighter fate, I could have made a deal
But I would rather die for this because of how I feel.


And thus it ends, I can't pretend to know the moral here
Because upon inspection still the outcome is unclear
Were our hero's actions just? And was he in the right?
Or shall we say he should have never acted out of spite?

So I implore you readers, that the next time you decide
Whether to take action or let burning rage subside
To think it over in your head, to calculate your loss
See if the consequences of your actions meet the cost.


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