Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Afterthought

So as you can probably tell, I forgot to post yesterday. Since today is not my day and (presumably) someone else will post today within a matter of hours, I thought I would slip in a quick thought or two while I still could.

I'm still in Sweden, so that's cool. I haven't fucked up and gotten deported or anything. This weekend I actually went to Riga Latvia on a boat trip which was super fun. I went with a bunch of people I had never met and one person I had met once, the alcohol was about half the price since we were in international waters, and Latvia is fucking freezing. I was dumb and didn't dress for the weather but it is probably the most fun thing I've done so far.

Yesterday, a friend form U of I and Springfield High School, Mel Cornell, arrived in Sweden. She is here for 3 or 4 months to do research for an internship and I can't tell you how nice it was to see a familiar face. Her arrival also made the fact that I really do live here much more obvious to me. I was reminded of how weird it was to be in Sweden when I first arrived and the contrast to how comfortable I am now was surprising. It was also cool to throw around a bunch of direction and Swedish terminology off the top of my head when I was helping her get around.

I also have a lot to look forward to. I will be visiting Carrie in Scotland in a week and half and 2 weeks after that I have booked another boat trip to Helsinki, Finland. I'm also in the process of planning trips to France, Barcelona, Vienna and northern Sweden. This is the sweetest semester of my life.



  1. Okay, so it's a little freaky that Nick's comment was posted before the actual post.