Saturday, March 17, 2012

Conor and Brian and Nick - We're In New Orleans, doing New Orleans things

Oh hey guys. I am sitting criss-cross-applesauce in a bed, that is in the far corner of the room from the door.  I'm going to establish cardinal directions in order to provide a more easily imagined scene, but know that this cardinal directions are bullshit, and that I have no idea which way is north right now. Anyway, this bed is in the northwest corner of the room, and the door to the outside hallway is along the southern wall, slightly east of its center. In the northeast corner there is another bed, one that has obviously not been tampered with in a while. Stuffed animals cover the blankets and lean preciously against. Snoopy is cuddling with a big gorilla who is holding big ol' hearts that say "Wild About You." In between the two beds is a white dresser with some lotions, a lamp, and a flashlight, just in case that lamp sucks I guess. Next to the door is a TV on a stand. An old, Sanyo TV. A big brick compared to the thin compact ones we see nowadays.

All of this is significant because it is New Orleans. Because if I walk outside and look to what I have decided is the southeast, I see two bridges that lead across the river from the West Bank where we currently are (huh... This is called the West Bank. I'm not allowing this to change my declaration of the directions) into the city proper. Last night I was in the city proper for a short while.

And it was really cool.

I flew here with my two native New Orleans roommates, Maggie and Nina, yesterday. I'm staying at Nina's house for the next several days. Tonight, Classic Brian and Monday Nick shall join us*. They're on their way now**. We will all sleep in this small, nice room. I'm going to try to convince Nina to abandon her room and take one of the beds in here. I'll sleep on the floor, for the sake of solidarity, and cuteness of the story. It will be like a 3 or 4 day sleepover*.

I'm about to go on a bike ride in New Orleans*. I'm pretty excited about it.

*in New Orleans
*to New Orleans

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