Monday, March 12, 2012

Nick - Law In Limerick

I had an ungraded test in my Law And Representation course the other day. Because it was ungraded, you had to stay for a full hour to get attendance points so that people wouldn't just blow it off.

I finished in 30 minutes, and spent the rest of the time turning all my answers into limericks.

Section 1: Prevents the hiring of Arabic police and private security contractors.

The scrutiny applied here is strict
The measure will surely be kicked
It's fueled by hate
You can't discriminate
Just because the applicant's Arabic

Section 2: Gives preferential hiring to veterans when two applicants are equally qualified.

A veteran classification
Not protected from discrimination
The relationship's rational
So I guess that it's passable
Despite being poor legislation

Section 3: Discourages hiring of non-native English speakers in public service jobs.

The scrutiny test that they choose
Will decide if this should win or lose
Disproportionate, surely
But not racist overtly
I don't know what I'd do in their shoes

None of you understand law enough to get any of this. Get the fuck out.



  1. I know as much about law as a shoe
    But I know to give credit when due
    this post has great wit
    and surely will fit
    On kings of tiny kingdoms for you

  2. The old shyster said to the young 'un
    "Your humor is often quite sharp, hon.
    DSOB may be rickety,
    I may be persnickety,
    but as lawyers we've had a long run."

    And I didn't even bring up your mother, who if I remember correctly, understands law pretty darn well.

  3. Roma, your limerick is clever
    I'm honored by such an endeavor
    I'm glad that you still read
    And I have to concede
    Your comments are my favorite ever

  4. Though knowing law may be demanding
    I'd like to claim some understanding
    I have proper ties
    to strictly scrutinize
    but of representation I know not a damn thing