Monday, March 26, 2012

Nick - Chao!!

This post is written in loving memory of my TV, which broke two days ago, my Nintendo Wii, which broke two months ago, and my Sega Dreamcast, which has been out of commission for a long time.

If you're a regular reader, you may recall my undying love for Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. However, in that post, I didn't even get to the good part of the game: Chao!

That is a chao. (Pronounced "chow.") They are the most adorable creatures in existence. And you get to take care of them! You can breed special colored chao, you can change your chao's shape, you can even train your chao to race.
Aww look at them racing
Your chao will have different attributes depending on how they're raised. Up there you can see, from left to right, a running-type, a flying-type, a power-type, a neutral-type, and a swimming-type. They can also become hero or dark chao depending on how they're raised.
Hero flying and dark running

Friday Conor and I have had many chao in our day. We dominated the chao races and chao karate. Also his chao died and I don't think he ever quite got over that.

One more fun note: you can make immortal, supremely powerful chao. (That's right, this game runs pretty deep.) They are called chaos chao, and there is one for each alignment.

Dark chaos chao
Neutral chaos chao
Hero chaos chao
Chao are adorable and awesome. I guess really the whole point of the post is to add further evidence that Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is the greatest game ever created.

I was going to put a video here but I decided not to.


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