Saturday, May 5, 2012

Conor - Statistics, real and imagined

My best guess as to my stats thus far in life.

Days alive - 7394
    Days used wisely - 7
    Days wasted - 7390
    Days spent doing literally nothing other than playing Final Fantasy - 6

Real worlds I have saved from the brink of destruction - 0
Fictional worlds I have saved from the brink of destruction - I wanna say around 20

Highest combo in real life - 11
Highest combo in one of the Tony Hawk video games - 9,273,846

Longest Amount Of Time Spent On A Toilet - However long it took me to read that Calvin & Hobbes book

Shortest Shower - 2 minutes - 47% clean
Longest Shower - 63 minutes - Stupidly clean

Hours I've spent playing video games I don't enjoy with Nick Dietrich - Around 300

Statistics I hope I am never ever confronted with
Texts sent
Monster Energy Drinks consumed
Time spent on facebook
Amount of time spent talking about the Wire
Amount of time spent thinking about talking about the Wire
Classic Brian posts skipped

Times I've listened to Outset Island by Hot Freaks in the past year alone - 13,722 times

Hairs grown on my face -  97

Relationship status - It's complicated with Pickleman's Gourmet Deli

Percentage of time spent staring at my own video feed during skype conversations - 88%

Frisbees thrown - over 9,000

How many times I've said the word sick - 6,745, or, enough for it to be not ironic anymore

Days until I go back to Springfield for Summer break - 9 days
Days until then that will be hellish - the next 3
Hours I will sleep - negligible


  1. I like this post so much. I think about these things all the time.

    And I enjoyed every second of those terrible, terrible video games.

  2. Another thing I forgot to mention:

    what if you could just get a context-less life score? Like, "hey, life, uhhh, how good am I?" "5.2" "sssssss"