Monday, May 14, 2012

Nick - Yet Another Post About Pokemon

Summer is a time for relaxing and taking it easy. School lets up and suddenly you don't have to study or go to class or be anywhere on time ever. So you all have spare time now, right? Great!

Anyone who knows me well enough to be reading Classic Brian probably knows I'm a huge nerd, so here's what I've been doing the past week. 

This website here has one of the most fun and interesting programs ever, called the Pokemon Emerald Randomizer. It loads a Pokemon Emerald ROM (Which you can find, along with an emulator, using a quick Google search) and allows you to substitute your starter pokemon for any pokemon you want. It also randomizes the pokemon that appear in each area; for example, one time I found a floor of a cave early on in the game filled with Mewtwo.

You would think that totally breaking all of the rules of the game like this would have some kind of adverse consequences, but actually it just makes the game way more fun. Plus I never ever get tired of it because each game is very different.

My current game is DeBono themed! I started with a Bagon named Clare.

Setting the game up this way makes it really unpredictable and fun. I recommend trying it out if you, like me, have transcended beyond the realm of normal video games due to your unmatchable and infinite skill.


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  1. You know I was Furret for Pokemon December last time?