Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Salad Art

Part I- Introduction / Important Facts

I like salad. A lot. A controversial statement for this blog, it seems. Do I love salad? Perhaps...

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a vegetarian. You are probably thinking that this fact makes me biased in regards to salad. Maybe you are even thinking that a favorite pastime of mine must be eating a nice bowl of leaves, a few varieties of vegetables, and certainly no dressing. You are imagining me committing to salad each and every day for the rest of my life when I decided to omit meat from my diet three years ago.

MYTH: vegetarians/vegans only eat salad.

DID YOU KNOW: We also consume fruits, noodles, rice, and various other sources of protein as well as processed foods (unless you are this cool)!

I like to eat noodles and rice and cooked vegetables. I love to eat noodles and rice and cooked vegetables. My diet is primarily Asian and I am forever addicted to Thai food.

Even though Asian dishes are fun to make, they require cooking and stoves, thus, more effort.

Part II- I Am Salad Art (And So Can You!)

Baking and cooking can totally be forms of artistic expression, yet salads are easier to prepare and healthier. I think that’s pretty cool! I grew up eating a salad with every dinner time meal, and it wasn’t until this year I discovered what I shall refer to as salad art.

I got into said salad art when I went serious grocery shopping for myself for the first time last fall. I was overwhelmed by the variety of leaves. Seriously. It’s probably like choosing between chicken, steak, and (??) for an omnivore dining at that restaurant called Chipotle Mexican Grill (I think???). Anyway. Spring greens? Kale? Spinach? Herbs? Arugula? Lettuce? I went insane.

The next step in the process of salad art can only be taken on once you have decided upon a bed of leaves in which to hold the future components of the salad. It is even pretty cool to mix different varieties of leaves. These next components are totally about aesthetic and involve the greatest amount of effort. I'm talking about vegetables, of course. Slicin’ up eyeballs vegetables is oddly satisfying, plus they often look awesome on the inside and you can use any technique you like. Infinite slicing possibilities! Splashes of various colors in a sea of green!

If leafy greens and various, chopped vegetables are the essentials of salad art, you will probably want to add unique touches to your salad. This is inclusive of things such as fruit, nuts, cheese, and some sort of odd liquid known as salad dressing. This is where you can go wild, or be modest. Explore the boundaries of salad itself, or stick to family or cultural traditions. 

When you feel content with your salad creation, you can eat it all yourself, share it with friends, feed the homeless or possibly an animal. Just think about it, salad art can save lives and provide energy- all while you were given the opportunity to express yourself.


salad art featuring kale, carrots, a variety of cheese I have forgotten, and delicious gingery dressing, circa January 2012 (made for myself)

not salad art / I just really wanted to post this one



  1. I think it has been made clear that Caitlin understands salads more than any of us.

    Classic Caitlin.

  2. I approve of this message. Salads are fantastic. And why not make your food art? Preach it Caitlin.

  3. Oh yeah, the eyeballs part was supposed to link to this: