Sunday, January 30, 2011

Robert - Compare and Contrast

I just read Alphas, a novel by Lisi Harrison. The writer of the infamous Clique book series, Harrison focuses her new novel Alphas around three young teenage girls accepted into an elite academy of young females founded by an eccentric, feminism-obsessed, billionaire named Shira Brazille. Harrison's previous work, besides writing several classic tween novels, included developing TV shows for MTV, such as "Lip Service." Her surprisingly delicate style of weaving brilliant storylines is evidenced by some of the legendary quotes from Alphas:
  • "She had a butt-chin bigger than Demi Lovato's."
  • "If at first you don't succeed, you're not an Alpha."  
For example, Allie A. Abbot receives an academy invitation intended for songwriter Allie J. Abbot. In a dramatic decision, Allie A decides to impersonate Allie J in order to experience something fresh in life. But there's more to the story. Allie was recently dumped by her super-hot ex, Fletcher, for her ugly best friend, Trina. Emotionally, she is tattered and frail, a trait that allows for some serious dramatic shifts to occur later on in the plot. And this is but one of the interweaving storylines. There's Skye, the dancer with a tooth-and-nail determination to oust her fellow housemates. Charlie, the daughter of Shira Brazille's first assistant, disdained by Shira and forced to be her personal connoisseur of espionage, as well as the ex-girlfriend-still-in-love of Allie's new love interest. An actress-dancer-singer-or-something with cold-hearted precision, aptly named Triple Threat. And more.

After navigating the many perilous plot twists that fill the pages to the brim, the story leads up to a heart-pounding climax that leaves the entire story open-ended and sets up what could be a thrilling sequel. A few characters come off as mildly trite, but as a whole, Harrison's epic will surely go down as a staple in the little waste-high metal rolling carts in the library for children's novels.

Then today I read the first chapter of Of Mice and Men. I recommend this exercise in contrast to anyone.


  1. i was very relieved when, a paragraph in, i saw the lack of length in this post. which CONTRASTS brendans lengthy books about books.


  2. What I like about posts like this is that it contained text that I could read, a stark contrast to Eliot's latest post.

  3. @brendan- was dissing rob's content, not yours.
    @robert- i know right?
    @brian- nice.

    ps-when they published my column for the newspaper, they spelled my name Elliot Sill. fuckin assholes.

  4. I second every comment posted. JOHN STEINBECK

  5. I know Eliot, I was kidding. Hope you're not mad. Jokes are easier to deliver in person.