Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I voted for my own Snowpocalypse episode. SORRY.

Hey guys, Mada here. I’m just sitting at the library working on copious amounts of homework and trying to figure out what I could possibly blog about that would be of remote interest to anyone else. Should I talk about how stressed I am? Probably not, who isn’t, right? Should I talk about how fun the Vagina Monologues were? No one wants to read my diary. Maybe I should just make a video about nothing. Oh wait, Robert already did that.


List? Nah, that’s not even fun anymore. Maybe just a random observation I made recently. Yeah, I guesssss sooooooo.

How about how cut off I am from the real world in college. Soooo weird right? Like I haven’t watched television in over a month. At all. I never read the newspaper (except when Eliot writes, of course) and I don’t listen to the radio. I never go to and the last time I checked movie listings, the only thing I had heard of was Harry Potter. Fuckin crazy.

The reason being that I live in a commune. That’s what college campuses are; communes. We seem to have this tradition in society that when a person gets to be in their late teens, they need to be shipped off to hundreds of little concentrations of other young adults around the country and their not supposed to interact with the outside world except on “vacations”. I never really realized until I came to college, surrounded by people my age, that it is really weird to see concentrations of young adults. In Springfield there are children and adults and no one in between. That’s because they’re all in college. It’s an age group that has been pretty much removed from normal society and stuck on its own so that young adults can “discover themselves”. Soooo weird.

Yeah that’s all. Have a nice night.


PS my internet isn’t working so I have no idea when this post will actually get published tonight…

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