Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lost City, Pt. 2

Stepping disdainfully over the headless corpse of Conor, Lathandros forged onward. He hated distractions. He was in a hurry to get home and just wanted to get what they had come for. They wound their way through the ruins swiftly. They had not come to see the city, incredible as it was. What they had come for was on the other side.

After an hour or so of walking, they had almost made it through. They could see it now. The cave. Daunting and dark, it seemed to exude terror. Grywio let out a grumble of discomfort. He may be a dwarf, but even he feared to enter this place. Lanthandros, however, was not phased. He knew no fear. This was no silly sense of pride either. He was simply physically incapable of feeling that emotion.

As they left the outskirts of the city to approach the cave, Lathandros sensed something. Spinning around, his bow was out in a flash with an arrow notched. His sights were set on the shadowy figure that was emerging from one of the ruined structures. It was a centaur. Neither of the two had ever seen one of these mysterious beings before, only heard of them in legend. He truly was a sight to behold. His long flowing hair glimmered in the sunlight. His massive upper body was covered in scars, speaking of countless victorious battles. The elf lowered his bow. The centaur slowly moved toward them. As he stood before them, he opened his mouth to speak.

"Sup bros. The name's Chillas. What are you two muchachos doing in my hood?"

"Uhhh...we have come seeking something of great importance to us. It lies in the cave over yonder," replied Lathandros hesitantly.

"Oh right. You want the Treasure of Lolla, eh? I'll come with if that's cool with you bros."

"Yeah...yeah that's fine..."

The now trio made their way to the cave entrance. Not wanting to dwell on the fear that consumed him, the dwarf plunged forward, and the others followed.

"Well, this is homely..." said Gwyrio.

And indeed it was. A fire burned in a fireplace, illuminating a cozy den.

"What the..." began Lathandros, but was abruptly interrupted by a door on the other side of the room being thrown open. A huge minotaur burst in. He brandished an enormous battle axe, fire burning in his eyes. His long blonde hair was held back by a green bandana.

"What are you doing in my house?!?!" roared the minotaur.

"Uhh we came for the treasure...don't suppose you know where that is, do you? And if so, do you, uh, think we could have it...?"

"Oh yeah of course. It's right over there in that glowing suitcase. Fight me for it? Pick which one of you wants to accept the challenge."

"I got this, bros," said Chillas. "Toss me that sword."

The battle that ensued was epic. There was clashing of steel and bloodshed and yelling.

And then I ran out of dream.

CAST LISTING (as determined by me after waking up):
Gwyrio- Eliot
Lathandros- Me (of course)
Conor- Robert
Chillas- Conor



  1. Please tell me all of this from both happened. Also I understand why you mistook me for Conor.

  2. If by happened you mean I dreamed it, then yes. It did. I realize they aren't fantastic story lines haha but I wanted to stay true to the dreams.