Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Changing My Major!

Haha not really because I'm not an idiot.

My post today is about nothing.

So a few weeks ago I got an event invitation to Tom's A Day Without Shoes. I thought this sounded like a really fun challenge and I immediately accepted. I was totally down for walking across campus barefoot and feeling like a badass in class. Well the day finally came around (today) and I started to have my doubts. Who else is doing this day without shoes? Will anyone get what I'm doing? Also it's really cold. But whatever, I decided to stick it out.

I got ready fro my 9am lecture and decided to throw a pair of moccasins into my backpack just in case. Then I walked out of my building onto the cold concrete and took a deep breath. This was gonna suck. When I got on my bike I realized I had never noticed how freaking sharp and made of knives my pedals were. Whatever, I'm fine. Then as I'm riding I do not see a single person barefoot other than myself and it occurs to me that I look crazy. Plus my feet are freezing in the 35 degree wind to the point where they feel hot. Next it occurs to me that if anyone asks about why I am not wearing shoes I have very little to tell them about the cause. I don't even own Toms. I feel like a fool and put my shoes back on as soon as I reach my class.

That was a story about a lack of commitment.

A lot of times I feel it unnecessary to go to class. No one's gonna notice anyway, so I don't. I've been trying to change that recently and turn over a new leaf.  Today I had my backpack all packed when I went to lunch and was going to leave from eating to my calc discussion. When I got up at a quarter til my friend Rachel said "look at you going to class on time". For some reason this just felt so wrong and I decided that I wanted nothing more than a nap. So I went and took one.

That was another story of a lack of commitment.

Last Thursday I played in an intermural soccer game and got my ankle destroyed by a guy much bigger than me. It swelled up instantly and hurt so bad the next day that I didn't go to my classes and got it x-rayed instead (it's fine, just really bruised). My foot is still a dark purple and hasn't resturned to its normal size but I my team was scrimmaging today and I wanted nothing more than to join them. My ankle started hruting as soon as I started running but I ended up playing for almost 45 minutes before I just couldn't take how much it hurt.

This is a story about too much commitment to the wrong things.

Priorities are hard.



  1. I didn't wear shoes today. But it was warm and therefore easy.

  2. Mada writing about commitment LOL

  3. st. john's shoe policies ruined my shoeless day. hospitals need to get their priorities straight

  4. i didn't wear shoes. got some strange looks. esp in the dining hall. didn't feel as cool when i saw 2 people barefoot all day..