Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conor - Diary Of A Road Trip

I know that I'm not exactly going out on a limb here, but I love road trips. It's a good thing, too, because I spent 12 hours in a car today. Norman, Oklahoma to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. 696 miles, according to Google Maps. A little over 2 tanks of gas. Approximately $100 went into this trek today, including the Oil Change required by the guy who let my friend and I borrow his car.

Here in Champaign, in approximately 5 hours from tonight, there will be a Frisbee Tournament hosted by the University of Illinois. Hat Tournaments are casual, for fun Ultimate tournaments where you sign up as individuals rather than teams and meet lots of new Ultimate folks. U of I is where several of my best friends go to school, and my good friend Kevin Kingsley also has several connections here seeing as how he's from Chicago, so when I was informed of this tournament a couple weeks ago by Wednesday Eliot we both immediately agreed. Without really considering how money and effort this would all take. But like the champions we are Kevin and I stuck to our poor decision, signed up for the tournament and hoped that everything would work itself out.

Things did, which I mean, hey, that's pretty rad. We borrowed our friend Spencer's car and ended up making what might be considered the most successful visit to my home in Springfield ever. It lasted 5 minutes and I left the house with hundreds of dollars, 2 bananas, a bottled water and 4 boxes of girl scout cookies. Score.

I'm here in Eliot's room, a little over 12 hours after Kevin and I left Norman and while I'm super excited for tomorrow, some of the best parts of the weekend have already gone by.

As Kevin put it, "road trips are awesome because they enable me to show off my ability to do nothing for extremely long amounts of time." Road Trips are an uneventful, boring, tiring, costly blast. For 12 hours Kevin and I sat there and did nothing, together, and I'm looking forward to doing the same thing on Sunday. Kevin and I don't normally sit around and just chat about our lives, but today we had no choice but enjoy eachothers company and listen to music.

We talked about how badass classical music is, the comedic potential of texting while beating people at things, this guy I heard about who biked across basically the entire world, Ultimate Frisbee, the University of Oklahoma, Daft Punk, the Dark Knight, how stupid it is that Spencer's passenger seat can't lean back, how it's apparently embarrassing that I haven't seen the Patriot, and of course, road trips. I got to briefly point out important Springfield landmarks to him, like Steak n' Shake, that church parking lot where I throw around with Eli and Harless when I'm back home, Springfield High School, the State Capitol, the Lincoln Museum.

I just spent half a day watching short, horizontal lines pass me by at 75 miles per hour. The country side got more and more boring as we neared Illinois, and the weather got worse. We got lost as we left Springfield for Champaign, which was a little embarrassing, and I spent my entire tenure as driver terrified of cops because I lost my wallet and therefore don't have my ID.

I'm tired, I'm not going to get enough sleep tonight, I don't know how well I'm going to fare in this tournament tomorrow, the weather looks like it's going to be pretty shitty. I'm excited, too.

Wish me luck?

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