Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tynan The Creator

10 Tynan Haikus:

1. Tynan Shevlin is
the drummer in Band practice
he makes some music

2. I'm writing these cuz
Caitlin Sutcliffe told me to
I lack good ideas

3. Caitlin Caitlin love
love love love love love love love
Caitlin Caitlin love

4. We named a hot girl
in final fantasy games
after him (he's hot)

5. Wears a fedora
Sister called him a hipster
DJs Clustercuss

6. Yoko is his dog
craziest dog in the world
Ha, "Yoko, oh no."

7. Went to same grade school
Blessed Sacrament sucks balls
Mrs. Joiner blows

8. Allergic to cats
It's not creepy that I know
Caitlin told me so

9. Halo, Heroquest
Risk, poker, many phases
Abundant good times

10. He likes type faces
Bass bass bass bass bass bass bass
Tynan Kenobi

Moral of the story: Haikus are dumb and easy to write.

-Classic, co-written by Caitlin


  1. I also hated
    Dealing with Mrs Joiner
    Someday she will die

  2. Today is Sunday
    Classic your name ain't Robert
    but we're still best friends

  3. I love how you guys
    have made it so all comments
    are also haikus