Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things I Think Shouldn't Exist

Mondays! Am I right?????


Classes before 10am.- I mean, I'm not going to go to them so why do they exist. Even if it's Floral Design. Actually, especially if it's Floral Design. How do you expect me to get my self out of bed at 8 for a lecture about flowers. This is probably why Floral Design is my lowest grade right now.

The DMV- I went there yesterday and they wouldn't take my photocopied birth certificate and therefore wouldn't replace my lost license. I also locked my keys in my car and had to sit in the parking lot for an hour until AAA came and broke into it. I GUESS you could say these things weren't the DMVs fault, but you would be wrong.

Other people that want to use the study rooms in my dorm- Just because you started your homework before 10 and therefore got there first doesn't make you better than me and you should therefore go to the main lounge so I can sit in the adorable little nook one time this semester. Just one time.

Vegetarian Night at my dorm- Seriously this is the worst dorm food I've ever eaten. And I have nothing against vegetarians. I eat at the vegetarian lunch dining hall every weekday, but for some reason Allen hall thinks that vegetarian meals mean that you should take things that are already delicious and meatless and make them inedible. Like 4 cheese macaroni and cheese with leaks. Gross, just give me Kraft and I will be so happy.

The 19 and up age limit at U of I bars- It's not like I think bars are the coolest thing ever or anything, but when you have a really late birthday like me it feels like someone is throwing a party every weekend and inviting the entire school except you. Like all the guest list says is 'Don't let Mada Larson come into this bar and laugh at her if she tries'.

My procrastination problem- Self-explanatory.

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