Saturday, July 30, 2011

Conor - Battlefield Kittens Eternal

A war is being waged around me, as I try to fall asleep on this couch. The war's been going on for as long as I remember, and though sleep will soon overcome me and my eyes will close, the unblinking war will continue.

One weary soldier is waddling towards me. Sukie is her name. Sukie has seen it all. Sukie occasionally forgets what home is like, and she wonders if her home will welcome her when, or if, she returns. Sukie sometimes doesn't even remember what she is fighting for.

Sukie is sure that she's fighting, though. She knows that for sure. She glances around and sees that the coast is clear. Belle and Sebastian are no where to be seen. She looks around the room and finds a target. Sukie approaches and sniffs. The target smells vaguely of Belle. This is Belle's turf, and it has been for some time. This is about to change.


I walk into the backroom to find Sukie peeing on my Playstation 2 okay what the fuck Sukie.