Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Mediocrity of Harry Potter

"Oh no, my childhood is over. Harry Potter has ended. Waaaaaaaaah!"

Shut the fuck up. Harry Potter is just decent. Move on.

"Oh but Brian, the world Rowling created was just so wonderful and magical. It seemed so real to me! It was almost like I was part of it!"

Really? Because there really isn't even much to the world. It's like, what, Hogwarts, the Ministry, Hogsmead (what's the deal with hogs?), and Godric's Hallow? And I'm not gonna say it's badly done, because it isn't. I like it well enough, but I don't see what's so special. I wouldn't be ripping on the world Rowling created if that weren't the frontline for every defense of Harry Potter. But it is, so I am. I just feel like so many other series do a much better job of it and get little to no credit, let alone the worldwide acclaim Harry Potter has gotten, and that's frustrating to me.

Harry Potter has some good characters, but let's be honest here; Harry Potter himself - least interesting of them all. The fact that the main character of the saga sort of sucks puts me off a bit. That's like if the title track of a pretty good album isn't very good. It doesn't necessarily ruin it for me, but it puts doubt in my mind. He's just an angsty little kid who gets lucky a bunch. Ron is way cooler, and he's a ginger.

Wow, I just got really bored of writing this.
'Nuff said.


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  1. Frodo was in some ways the least intersting character in LOTR, so I see your point, but that doesn't change how much I have enjoyed both franchises.