Saturday, July 23, 2011

Conor - Seven Songs

If you have the time, please listen to these songs and tell me if you like them! I like them.

"We're the heirs to the glimmering world."
This song is sung in the present tense, and while the lyrics read naive and romantic on paper, this song is unmistakably sad. There's a weight to the drums, to the layered guitars, to his deep voice. It feels like it's been a while since the singer believed the things that he's singing. The National are a band about the little details, and the clarinets, the ways the guitar lightly play together, the soft backing vocals, they all add up to make something beautiful.

Okay, dancing. Someone's going to need to explain this to me, I don't think I understand quite how it's done, yet.I avoid letting myself dance, even though I really enjoy trying and failing, but when certain songs come on I can't help myself. This song is one of them. How is Justice this cool? How is the bass in this song so awesome? How are the strings so sharp and awesome? How is that guy next to me so fresh and stylin' with his dance moves? Some things I will never understand.

Yes, yes yes yes yes I know. The King Of Limbs is probably Radiohead's second worst album after Pablo Honey, their mediocre debut. I agree that most of the songs sound reeeally similar and stuff, yeah sure okay. But now that I'm done expecting greatness and perfection out of this album, I'm liking it a lot more. I think the songs really work better when enjoyed out of context, too. There's an attention to detail and subtlety they show in these songs that's really really cool. This song is especially dense. Towards the end all of the percussion tracks on top of one another make the track sound really claustrophobic and crazy. Also I think the melody he's singing during the "good morning mr.magpie, how are you today?" part sounds like the Beatles. Anybody? Anybody else? Even a little bit?

"We's about to make it clear we and we lonesome."

How cool would it be if I could raaaaap.

There's some x-factor when it comes to rap and hip-hop that I can't place that is totally a deal breaker for me. If a song has it I'm really really into it, and if doesn't I'm pretty uninterested. This song? This song has it. This song has it for days. Gorillaz does such a cool job of bridging pop, hip-hop and alternative music. I really want to learn how to use electronics. It would be so cool to work on something like this.

It would also be so cool to rap. Fuuuuuck.

"It's just a dream he keeps having, and it doesn't seem to mean anything."
What a pretty, bittersweet, catchy, heartbreaking little song. It feels modest, if that makes any sense. The guitar noodles around the whole time while Jeff Tweedy spits out sad little lines with that tired, enduring voice of his. Man I love everything about this song do you guys? Man.

This is one of my favorite love songs of all time. Also, Lemony Snicket, the guy who wrote the Series of Unfortunate Events books, plays accordion on this song, no joke.

I hope I ever write any song that rocks as casually and confidently as this song does at 1:03. They Might Be Giants just plain kick ass for 10 seconds there and then quickly move on to another idea because that's just what they do. They're crazy and endlessly creative. They're 40 something year old nerds who are cooler than pretty much everyone. I read something once that said this song is about a car crash and the song is being sung by the car itself. Woooooah.


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