Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back To School

Next Saturday I'll be back at U of I, so this is my last post coming to you from Springfield for awhile. I thought I'd take this opportunity to beat the dead of what going back to college means for me.

1. It's college
2. Ultimate freedom
3. I have a cool major so I actually enjoy learning things
4. A whole new social group to be part of
5. I actually conserve money better in college because of my lack of income
6. Meals that feel free but actually aren't (they're just prepaid)
7. Reuniting with college friends
8. Everything I need in one (relatively) small area
9. I don't have to drive anywhere and therefore don't have to pay for gas
10. Did I mention it was college?

1. No mo family
2. (Half) my Springfield friends will be elsewhere
3. I have to do laundry
4. I have to pay for laundry
5. No more home cooked meals
6. Homework
7. Smaller living space
8. No video store
9. More tuition payments
10. I can't take the Wii with me


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