Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Five Things I've Learned In New York City- Mada

1. You cannot assume streets are parallel. Just because You can turn right in a block and follow it to Broadway Avenue does not mean you can turn right here and expect it to take you anywhere near there.

2. One scoop of ice cream is worth five dollars. Well actually it's not but if you want ice cream that's how much you're going to pay.

3. Crosswalk signals are irrelevant. You are allowed to walk across the street whenever there is the slightest break in cars. Go ahead, make that guy slam on his breaks, it's his fault if he hits you.

4. You will never be the hippest person anywhere you go. No matter what you are doing or wearing, someone will be doing something wayyyy cooler and wearing an infinitely more avant-garde outfit.

5. Don't even bother going into designer stores. The workers can tell you're not going to buy anything and you will never feel comfortable touching any of the merchandise.

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