Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Blank Slate

Hear sound of ringing phone. Check time. 10:02. Far too early to answer. Silence it. Resume sleep.

Open eyes again. See Jon's face. Hey. Hey. Where's Eliot? I dunno. Close eyes.

Raised voice saying Lemme just check to see if either of my roommates are masturbating. Not. Awake now though. Vision blurry. Eyes crusty. Shouldn't wear contacts to bed. Bah.

Hello girls. Good thing I wore clothes to bed last night or this might have been awkward, eh? Get up. Get undressed for the shower anyway. Lulz.

Shower partyyyyyy. Talk about who it would be weirdest to have a picture of watching you take a dump. Deep. #rultalk

Get dressed. Watch Dr. Who.

Wish Eliot luck. Say goodbye to girls. Watch Star Trek. Eat. Do homework while watching Star Trek. Watch Battlestar Galactica.

Stare at screen for hours. So uninspired. Hope something comes to me soon.




  1. I like that you gave only the males names.

  2. Our names just weren't good enough. Also, I thought we were referred to as the bitches?